Watering after seeding

     Watering is probably the most important step in the seeding process! Water often enough to keep the top inch or so of the soil moist until the seed germinates. Remember, seeds get only one shot at germination. Let them dry out, and they're dead. Apply water gently to be sure not to wash the seeds away or create puddles. Pay close attention to the color of the soil, it will become lighter as it dries and this can happen quickly if its hot or windy  Avoid overwatering also, too much water causes the seed to rot. Generally when 2/3 of the soil has lightened up, Its time to water again.

General seeding information

When to seed?

     Seeding can be successful any time of year, but spring and summer lawn seeding require a lot more care and water, and weeds and crabgrass cause a lot more competition. Seeding a lawn in late summer or fall is ideal. Early fall is preferred because seed can germinate faster in the warm soil and continue to establish itself through the cooler weather of fall and winter. There's also more natural water in the fall so less sprinkling is needed. 


     This is when we broadcast the seed over a large area. This works well when the lawn just needs a general "thickening up." Overseeding can be done along with lawn aeration or by itself, but doesn't work too well when there is a heavy thatch layer. Aeration is strongly recommended before overseeding to promote new growth. 

The 2 ways we seed lawns

Spot seeding

     This is what we would recommend if your lawn is in overall good shape and just needed some spot repair like ruts along driveways, areas worn by foot traffic, and small areas that have died for any reason. 


Why seed your lawn?

     Even in well maintained lawns, Spot seeding or overseeding is sometimes needed. Lawns can be thin or patchy because of weather or as a result of damage done by insects or grass diseases. In some cases poor lawn maintenance is also a cause of grass dieing out. To get a full and even lawn, seeding is the most cost effective way to get it.